Day one in Italy: Venice

Venice is amazing, everything you’ve heard and more. The narrow walkways between buildings, yes, I’ve experienced that in other European cities, Prague for example. But the little waterways than run everywhere, and the boats guided by men in black-and-white striped shirts–very cool and very unique!
We walked and walked yesterday and then again in the evening. We stopped and had beer and pizza and calamari at an outdoor cafe. The first place we stopped the waiter was a whiner. He tried to “guilt” us into buying food many times after we sat at one of his tables but only ordered two beers. He was extremely assumptive. We had to tell him “no” several times. He implied that since our table was “set”, it was our duty to eat something. What a douche. Finally we paid 9 Euros each for two beers–a major rip-off in itself–and then left, after he walked away and kind of slammed down the food menus he carried away from our table. We surmised that he’s one of those Italian men that still lives with his Mom. When he goes home tonight to Mommy, he’s going to walk into 40 plus years of dysfunction. She’s going to let him have it, the way he let’s his customers have it. Good luck with that, Giuseppe! As advertised, you can’t find any live music in Venice, save for the “formal” music being played out in the big square. It’s too bad. I was really hoping to stumble into a club with some live music—blues, rock, jazz, acoustic–something, anything?

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